About us

Cirrus is a new generation Web Solutions, Mobility and Cloud Services company.


Cirrus has a strong team of skilled and experienced technology engineers and field experts, delivering innovative IT solutions through our products and services since 2006. We operate from Croatia (Europe) zone. In the past eight years we have assisted in the growth of many small to medium scale businesses, startups and popular local brands.

Experience Cirrus team has deep technical knowledge which is complemented by excellent organisational and project management skills. We are experienced in building sophisticated and complex: Web applications (like e-commerce sites, booking systems, intranets, CMS and CRM solutions), Mobile Applications, and Cloud services integration - all using the latest development tools.

Know How Our team has the business understanding, the technical know-how and the experience to deliver highly complex software applications and cutting-edge IT projects on time, on budget and to specification.

Our Mission & Values

Our company is entirely dedicated to modest values which enables our employees and management to reach the heights of customer satisfaction and service excellence. We genuinely want to help you develop the right software applications and IT systems for your business.

Quality Of Service We are dedicated to operate, and prove in meeting high standards in our work. As many processes as needed will be invoked before designing any product model for our clients.

Customer Focus We provide high focus to all the contracts without any differences - irrespective of size, profitability or critical status. Each client have the same importance and priority in delivering our work.

Flexibility and Innovation We recognize that the innovation paths are critical to our clients economic prosperity and success. We continuously introduce and follow newest available technologies. With updating existing products to latest trends, we harmonize and lower the barriers from their adoption in all customer delivered solutions.


The technology behind any business is crucial. Demonstrating world-class technology solutions to clients is the best means to essay them that they are delivered with the best in the market. We will listen to you and provide suggestions as to the most effective method of developing your software applications and IT systems.

Ongoing Communication We understand you want to know your project is on track and will be delivered on time. We keep you updated on progress continuously without demand.

Discovering Your Needs It is crucial to qualify the project information and envision the requirements into practical steps. Our developing team with their in-depth technical expertise analyzes the requirements to create a detailed master plan.

Testing and Delivery After the product or service is developed, rigorous functionality, compatibility, usability, and performance tests are performed before delivery. In that way all aspects of scalability, security and performance of the product are estimated once again assuring unsurpassed quality to the client.


Cirrus specialises in custom software development, development outsourcing and IT support.

  • Redomat


    Avoid waiting in long lines. From now instead, order and book by SMS and track your order online. Redomat is besides banks, intended also for other institutions, insurance companies, telecommunications companies, home offices, customs offices, utility companies, medical institutions, and governmental institutions. 

    The essential characteristics of the system

    • Shows the waiting time and services at different time intervals 
    • Provides detailed analysis 
    • View information about the current state of the queue
    • Access data from the web and / or mobile applications
    • Collect data from all branches into one central location
    • Review of data over all branches

    Function of Redomat is manifold, besides introducing order in the institution, giving owners the ability to statistics and reports received from Redomat optimizes staff and accelerate the process of service delivery.

  • InfoSchool


    InfoSchool completely monitors the activities of students and inform parents via the internet or text messages. The service is available now also for private schools to track score and the presence of other activities. InfoSchool is an complete solution for primary and secondary schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

    Students and institutions that use InfoSchool system achieve better overall results. Educational institutions no longer have the need for paper diaries. Teacher access to the system using a computer, tablet or mobile phone via the Internet.

    The essential characteristics of the system

    • Monitoring the presence of students
    • Record score 
    • Review Fees
    • Creation of certificates
    • Contact parents by SMS or e-mail 

    InfoSchool can be integrated into existing systems without the need for any additional costs such as new computers. Data is stored on a remote server on which performs daily security copies so that data is always safe. 

  • Booking


    Booking system is an application that allows instant access to available accommodation capacity and prices. Serves for various types of accommodation facilities, hotels, hostels, apartments, travel agencies. Simple implementation of the system on an existing or new website.

    The essential characteristics of the system

    • Accessible 24 / 7
    • Easier access to foreign markets
    • Automated sales and payments
    • Book an unlimited number of objects
    • Enterprise administration modules
    • Payment Gateways integration

    Due to the growing need for mobile technologies, Booking system may have a mobile application for online booking. All objects that have Booking mobile app for booking have the ability to offer its guests an application that make reservations directly from your mobile device, which contains all the features of the online system.

  • Home Automation


    When it comes to your home and your life, you don't settle for anything but the very best. You want everything to be complete, easy and worry-free. That's what a true home automation solution should be, and that's what you get with Cirrus home automation systems.

    With Cirrus home automation system, you can easily control everything in your home, room-by-room, using our ultra-cool touch screens and remotes, or anytime, anywhere from your favorite smart device. 

    With the touch of one "Scene" button you can set everything you want in every room of your home for any activity, from "Wake" to "Goodnight" and anything in-between, like "Watch", "Listen" or "Away". An unlimited number of Scenes can be created and customized to your personal preferences.

  • Web Application Development


    Cirrus has a team of highly skilled and versatile professionals with in-depth experience in the latest technologies in the World Wide Web. We provide a range of web application development services: from simple content web site applications to complex Internet applications, e-Business applications and social network services.

    • Enterprise grade Content Management Systems (CMS) 
    • Relationship Management Systems (RMS)
    • E-Commerce Development
    • Booking applications
    • Social Networking integration
    • Educational applications
    • Responsive layout development
    • Web services implementation

    We are targeting both B2B and B2C customers through solutions that encompass Internet and Intranet across technologies and industries. Our process-oriented solutions help us maintain a satisfied and repeat our customer base.

  • Mobile Application Development


    Designing a great app is about more than just an idea. Understand your business and its needs is the only way to a successful mobile app. We believe good strategy is the key to success for any mobile project because it will take your business to the next level and empower your customers in new ways. We have a full-service approach to mobile. We provide a wide range of mobile related services:

    • Mobile Strategy
    • Mobile Application Design
    • Mobile Testing
    • iOS, iPhone and iPad Development
    • Android phone and tablets Development
    • Mobile User Interface Design
    • Concept Ideation
    • App Distribution

    We’ve delivered products for iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML5 and more. Our experience across platforms means we can help companies choose the right mobile app services and solutions.

  • Cloud Integration services


    Cloud Computing
    Represents exciting new possibilities of architecting and managing technology, while challenging existing skill sets, planning methods, and organizational models. As adoption of cloud-based platforms accelerates, new business models, vendors, and value propositions are emerging at a feverish pace.

    Cirrus Cloud Integration services
    Focus on assisting enterprises in understanding the value, risks, and timing of migrating portions of their IT portfolio to the cloud. Combining our strong foundations of IT strategy, enterprise architecture and Systems Integration, we provide a balanced business view along with the deep technical delivery capabilities required to maximize the benefits of these new technologies.

    We provide full production integration projects across infrastructure, platform, data, software, and other XaaS (anything-as-a-service) to enable virtualized internal, external, or hybrid cloud architectures.

  • Redesign


    Do you have a web or application software that is getting "old" and you feel that the time has surpassed the original concept? Ultimatively it needs an complete overhaul and refreshment with new, modern technologies and trendy ways of thinking? After initial expertise and examination we can offer a wide range of possible solutions of revitalising your existing software and business web implementations:

    • Web layout redesign and Mobile optimizations
    • Porting existing businesses logic to cloud services
    • Content extraction and migration
    • Data extraction and migration
    • Software porting to new platforms
    • Software upgrading

    In the redesign process is important to transparently upgrade the existing resources in which certain amount of time and financial investment has already been made from our customers side. We do indeed value this and accordingly choose plans depending on existing state we find. We take great care this process go smoothly from start to finish.

  • IT Support & Consulting


    Supporting an existing IT project is as same - if not more - important than the process of bringing it to life. Often we can see, inappropriate management and support resources lead to a project catastrophe that can't be fixed even with a great effort, time and any investment that range in the normal spectrum that was originally planned. In those circumstances, unfortunately, project failing - is an option.

    Here at Cirrus, we think differently. At first, after deploying one of our products or services you are sure that you and your employees will have all the information and all the tools needed to exploit and use those resources like was planned for determined amount of product lifetime and lifecycle. Furthermore, even before main project deployment - we already make projections and strategies about upgrade paths for extended product lifetime which consolidate your future investments.

    We do cover all those aspects by professionally supporting your existing IT powered businesses. As a plus, with offering you independent consulting services, we can become your single point of accountability for all your technology needs.


We pride ourselves on our team’s experience, capability and expertise in the following technologies:

Programming Languages

This is a general list of programming languages we use to deliver our high quality products and services:

PHP, Java, C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Delphi, Visual Basic, VB.NET, JavaScript, ActionScript3, Perl, Unix shell, SQL, PL/SQL

Web Technologies

Today web technologies are complex and require a great set of skills in order to work and cooperate properly. Don't worry, we cover them for you: 

PHP, JSP, MVC, jQuery, AngularJS, Ajax, Json, REST, XML / XSL, CSS3, Less, HTML5, Flash, Flex / AIR, Ruby on Rails


The most valuable atom of your whole enterprise is the data you operate and manage. We don't let the most important part to get the fuzzy way:

MS SQL Server, MySQL, Mongo, SQLite, Interbase, MS Access, FoxPro, PostgreSQL, Core Data


Frameworks are helping in delivery of high quality products, favoring well established conventions. This is a general list we cover:

  • PHP: Zend, CakePHP
  • JavaScript: jQuery, AngularJS
  • Java: Spring, Sencha GXT
  • Html: Twitter Bootstrap3
  • Mobile: Cocoa Touch, Android SDK


Independently of your client or server needs we have experience with setting up and developing for this platforms:

  • Windows, Windows Server
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • iOS, OSX
  • Android

Tracking and versioning

What is the state of the project? What is the last version? What remains to be done? All the questions we can answer immediately using:

  • Atlassian Jira, Mantis, Bugzila, Redmine
  • Git, Mercurial, Subversion

Get in Touch

We’re currently accepting new client projects. We look forward to serving you.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Cirrus IT Products and Services, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to pre notate an appointment please call us, or alternately, email us your phone number and a convenient time to reach you, and we will gladly phone you back. If you are near our office headquarters you can also visit us personally, we are always open to new business opportunities and ideas.


General Contact

  • Cirrus IT Technologies
  • Tomasinijeva ulica 2
  • 52100 Pula, Croatia
  • Europe
  • E-Mail: info@cirrus.hr